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We are a group of graphic designers and illustrators who design custom digital fonts with professional quality.

Our sources are internally identified with the LJDS (LJ Design Studios) ID, or in special cases the name appears next to the authentic source designer as the Founder.

The specialty of typographic design that emphasizes this group is the concept for bands of Rock (Heavy Metal) since we constantly work on creating typographies with innovation to identify different bands, movements and similar occasions.

We are also specialists in the basic design of typography for companies with art and clean paths and serious representation to identify or distinguish companies with an identity that starts from typography.

Our sources are mostly merged with demonstration licenses (DEMO) which must be acquired through deals or commonly with a special purchase aimed at the purpose of commercial use.

We also merge sources with GPL licenses for free commercial use flyers can be found officially at

We are willing to work with you, we can design custom projects to your liking, you can contact us here.

If you need additional information about the licenses we sell you can see it here, or you can contact for more information.

If you want to know the different designers allied to LJ Design Studios can see it here.

Licensed typographic fonts (DEMO) are protected by strict standards and legal agreements which you can read here.

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