Custom Font

Do you have a font style and you want to use your computer to design, write or simply customize?

Here you can do it, send us your source and we turned it into a digital file for use in any design program or text engines, with excellent quality, accurate measurements and symmetry as a professional source.


You can send a JPG file containing a picture of your sources, (alphabet or alphabet Uppercase and lowercase <Lowercase only if your source includes it>) numbers and symbols you want to include in the source, we recommend include basic symbols you see in the your computer keyboard or dispositivo.Si're Graphic Designer and use programs or vector illustration welding wanting to join your source, you can send your typographic project in .PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, CDR, SVG files with the following characteristics;
Separate each character about 5 cm depending on the style of your source may be higher or lower
Separate work tables (Ai), Pages (Corel, PDF) or files (Photosop) Each character set {Shift}, {Lowercase}, {numbers}, {Symbols} {special symbols Unicode (only for people Experts in Characters )}
Make sure that each page or file containing measures have Letter or A4 (Recommended)
Pure RGB colors
If you use Photoshop or other software like it, try a standard resolution of 300pp


Depending on how many character sets include your source, the price will be related, have prices and special packages at very low affordable to anyone you just have to contact us and express your topic and we will contact you to relate prices to start the assembly or welding.